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Eve of Salvation

August 2020 

In the closing months of World War II, a race to develop nuclear weapons was being run in secret.  The stakes were high—win the race, win the war.

A calculating Nazi Colonel in charge of the weapon’s development has pinned Germany’s hopes to a French nuclear physicist whom he is holding prisoner along with his family.  They are close to completing the device, but he suspects a plot is underway to steal the plans.  He is right.

A new clandestine division of the American army has put together a bold mission to drop a lone agent behind German lines and rescue the French doctor and his family.  However, when the agent is killed in a training accident days before he is set to embark on the mission, the American commander must scramble to salvage the operation.  Lieutenant Sam Warren, a paratrooper in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, is recruited as a last-minute replacement.  With little time to prepare, Sam is thrust into the dangerous and morally ambiguous world of espionage. 

The mission parameters are clear—the doctor’s family is low on the list of priorities.  With the fate of the war hanging in the balance, Sam will be forced to use his instincts to evade all the army resources that the Nazi Colonel can bring to bear including his relentless henchman—a spy assigned to uncover the suspected plot. 

However, inside Sam a secret war is raging.  Surrounded by German army group B along the western front, Sam will have to choose between saving the mission and saving the family—especially the doctor’s daughter who may be harboring a secret of her own.

Set to the backdrop of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, Eve of Salvation is filled with authenticity.  The rich, detailed characters and exhilarating story will grab hold of you from the first page to the thrilling conclusion.


A City Divided

April 16th, 2019

Check out my latest published book. After spending countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready. A City Divided is an exciting thriller that I hope you will love.  See the description and link to the book below.

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